Our Team


Virtual Era’s team of Executives, Managers, Engineers, Consultants and Sales utilize their ICT, Security, Energy, Marketing, Smart, Clouding, Training expertise in conjunction with the operational experience of our customers to deliver the most practical and cost effective solution for the business.

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success.

The Virtual Era Team are not there to tell you your job - we understand that you are an expert in your own operational field – Virtual Era personnel are able bring specialist advice to hand and act as a facilitator, helping you to deliver higher profits whilst providing ITC, Security, Energy and Marketing solutions, reducing the energy costs and the carbon footprint of your business, and meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility targets.

We work to a simple process so that everyone knows what they are doing:

The process starts with our friendly consultancy team who are specialists in their own field - they are trained and provided with the means to find out what opportunities are open to you. They are then trained to clearly illustrate the benefits that the proposal will deliver to all aspects of the business: FinancialEnvironmental and Operational.  There are no gimmicks with this, just factual questions and low risk, high reward proposals.

  • We ask
  • You talk
  • We survey
  • We propose
  • We demonstrate (should you consider this necessary)
  • You decide
  • We implement
  • You enjoy guaranteed on-going profit development from your low risk investment.

Most importantly we understand that you have a business to run - we can provide you with solutions that will give you minimum operational disruption (in fact many of our solutions offer no disruption at all to normal operations, with solutions being applied in off-peak or down-times) with major lasting benefits.

We have developed comprehensive training and appraisal programs for all of our personnel to ensure that we consistently deliver high levels of customer service - this is fully supported by our IS09001 quality standard systems which we are applying in everyday activities.