Virtual Era Ltd. is a dynamic knowledge based corporation delivering IT, Telecommunication, Energy, Security and Marketing products and services to businesses of all sizes and trades.  Our products and services are delivered, not as a simple sales or service, but as a strategic component of the customer's operation, contributing to bottom line profitability. We approach each need on an individual basis with the intent of forming long-term strategic relationships.

Virtual Era Ltd. is a provider of Standard and Custom Software Solutions, delivering custom software solutions and Offshore Development Center (ODC) outsourcing services, offshore business process outsourcing solutions and various software solutions consistent with the vision and requirements of customers. Virtual Era Ltd. will deliver highly reliable services under tight deadlines to enterprises seeking to add value to their businesses through software solutions. In addition to delivering Custom Software Solutions and ODC Services, Virtual Era Ltd. implements Human Resource Information Systems, Integrated Management Systems, and Document Management Systems.

Virtual Era Ltd. in the beginning of 2010 extended its activities in the energy sector too. In September 2010 signed contract with Somar International Ltd. from UK, as authorized distributor for Kosova and Albania Territory. Somar's tried and tested technology is able to successfully deliver substantial efficiency savings in three main product areas: lighting, motor control and refrigeration. Our solutions are designed and developed in close association with our customers, researching real problems and delivering real solutions. Whether our customers' primary concerns are financial, environmental or operational, our team of consultants and engineers draw on their wealth of product-specific expertise in conjunction with our customers' operational experience to provide the most practical and cost-effective solution possible.

Virtual Era Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of specialist security products and services to meet the demanding needs of our clients.  We invest heavily in on-going training and new technology to ensure we stay at the forefront of our industry.

ensure we stay at the forefront of our industry.


Our goal is to catalyze time, energy and creative sparkles towards fulfilment of customers’ expectations. We seek to build up long-term relationships with our customers by approaching each one of them in a creative, personal way and generating rewarding and memorable customer experiences.


Commitment to Business Ethics

We will make proof of responsible business practices in our relationships with our customers, employees, contractors, other companies and the public. We defend customer confidential information with a clear set of legal procedures, and would only offer the services for which we have appropriate expertise.

Customer Empowerment

Virtual Era Ltd.’s main goal is to provide its customers innovative, effective business solutions. Our customers have the power to challenge our inspiration and obtain the solutions best fitted to their needs.


We are motivated by our customers’ business goals to find innovative ways to efficiently respond to each of their needs. We innovate in order to add value to our customers’ business.


To deliver what the customers expect from us within the agreed timeframe means honouring our promises and proving our commitment to your needs and goals. This is why we always provide clear and precise agreements for supply of software products and services and honour them.


Openness facilitates informed decisions, understanding, and trust. We encourage you to share your goals and vision with us. We know how to listen, but also how to express ourselves in creative ways.

Personnel Excellence

Only innovative and experienced IT specialists can develop inspired business solutions. At Virtual Era Ltd., there is no room for mediocrity. Virtual Era Ltd. is the place where our customers will find world-class, certified IT specialists. Our people meet the technical, cultural and communicational standards you would expect of an established Software House.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is essential to our business. We encourage our employees to share with us their ideas as the diversity and depth of each employee’s expertise and experience enable us bring unique perspective to our projects.

Yesterday < Today < Tomorrow

We are in a continuous pursuit to better ourselves, and we provide our employees an environment where they can improve their skills and professional competence and keep up with the ever-changing IT environment.