Overview of the Client

APIS Ltd. designs, builds, operates and maintains intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructures in Kosovo and Albania.

Our Disciplines cover the entire life cycle of buildings and industries, projects, and services.

Our technical disciplines are the following:

• Heating and Sanitation
• Ventilation and Air Conditioning
• Cooling
• Electricity
• Information and Communication Services
• Security and Safety
• Automation
• Industrial installations
• Process piping

We offer these as combinations or separately as individual services.

Our service areas span the whole life cycle of buildings and industries. Our operations and unique market offering cover the following service areas:

• Advisory Services
• Design & Engineering
• Project Management
• Project Execution
• Technical Maintenance
• Managed Services

APIS’s service areas form a modular system. The potent combination of our competences in each service area secure our clients with actively managed life cycle solutions for commercial, industrial, public and residential buildings and processes.

Our work and services to the Client

Our services to the Client covers:

  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Domain, Hosting, Clouding

To visit the company site click here - www.apis-smart.com 

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